Products Line-up

Light emitting diode Liquid crystal

Various line-ups of components. From LED lamp , Seven-segment LED, to LCD that displays letters and images.


Toshiba, Nippon Sheet Glass, Sharp, Rohm, China Semiconductor(CSC), Seiko Instrument, Stanley … etc

Resistance Condenser

For the purpose of current control and storage, from ultra-small chip type to high capacitance products.


Resistor KOA, Tsubame Radio, To-nichi, Tokyo Cosmos Electronic, BI Technologies, Copal Electronics … etc
Capacitor Murata Manufacturing, Toshin Kogyo, Nissei Electronic, Sanyo Electronic …etc

Quarts crystal

With IC development, it will be applied to various products and applications.


Kyocera crystal device, Seiko Epson … etc


For switch and connect to external, and, it is also essential for high-spec IC

Switch Omron, Hoshiden, Alps, Fujisoku
Relay Omron, Sharp
Connector・IC socket Omron, Molex, HRS, Kel Corporation … etc
Heat Sink Mizutani Electric IND …etc
Power supply GAPTEC Electronic …etc
Trance Toyozumi …etc
Fuse Fuji Terminal Industry
Accessory Natori Manufacturing, Mac Eight

*In addition, Hybrid IC, Module are also available.

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