EMS Business

T-EMS   Tsukasa-Electronics Manufacturing Service


EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) offers contract manufacturing services in the electronics industry.
While OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) manufactures the products designed by contractors,
EMS works for whole process such as designing, sourcing parts, prototype and mass production.
Tsukasa provides advanced services through close communication with customers.
We offer not only manufacturing services but advising services to satisfy customers’ requirements in detail.

One Stop Service

T-EMS provides services started from any stage including planning and designing stage.
When we are involved in parts selection,
we can find appropriate components that offer short delivery terms and that have some alternative parts.
Tsukasa also performs production control to make customers free from hardship.

Sourcing Parts

Tsukasa’s purchasing power offers high performance components with short delivery time and reasonable prices.

Through the long experience, we can source the required parts globally.

Inventory control is always headache in manufacturing.
While shortage of parts delays shipments, excess inventory reduces cash flow.
In T-EMS method, we support your inventory management with using our warehouse.


Tsukasa performs EMS services with partners located globally.
We focus high quality and short delivery time.

We offer services at any stage of Product Life Cycle with our partners located worldwide.
Production that requires high quality and short delivery time can be performed in locally.
And mass production that requires scale merit can be done globally.

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